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Symbol of the global movement Smart&DigitalCities
Symbol of the global movement Smart&DigitalCities


Smart & Digitalcities

movement for smartcity development from construction to digital transformation with TV

movement for smartcity development from construction to digital transformation with TV

Last News: We are developing the Police-TV for Austria in Vienna. We are moving the media channel RealEstate TV 24 from Stockholm to Riga

Last News: We are developing the Police-TV for Austria in Vienna. We are moving the media channel RealEstate TV 24 from Stockholm to Riga

16. November 2020

We are moving the media channel for real estates “RealEstate TV 24” from Stockholm (Sweden) to Riga (Latvia). The format has been developed and dapted by Directors TV 24. Latvian office of the Movement Smart&Digitalcities is responsible for development of the channel on global scale, also integrating a new web platform for real estate agencies, constructors and agent´s networks. An example of digital transformation with the use of webTV, video advertising, integrated design, also in corona times. Join the movement to enter the realestate channel.

01. Juli 2020

Movement Smart&Digitalcities has founded in the smartcity Vienna the Österreichisches Sicherheitsforum (Austrian National Security Forum) for an open discussion about city-unrest, demonstrations-law, violence against common facilities, shops, cars and police officers in the German speaking countries and especially focused to Austria. Our German, Swiss and South-Tyrolean are invited to the conference as well. The growth-speed is about 120 new members a month. Join the movement to participate to prestigious security forum with police-television.

22. June 2020

Movement Smart&Digitalcities has started the initiative “Pro Police” in Europe. The Police defends the State and democracy thereby extremely important matter. We want to underline that without a strong police, we cannot make smartcities a safe place. Anarchy want to damage this order in name of freedom, but in so doing it opens the doors to uncontrolled violence and terrorism. The action has a first result in Austria and the German-speaking area with the name “Pro Polizei Österreich” where we are  developing an organization “pro-city-safety” also using social medias, TV-broadcasting and apps. Got over 200 members first week. Join the movement to participate

24. May 2020

Movement Smart&Digitalcities supports the smart talk of geeks from all over the world based in Vienna. Everything online because Corona-Virus and decisively Anti-Corona disruption. It is the prestigious Mind-Changer 2020. Smartdy TV Networks in cooperation with Directors TV 24 join the cause. You can participate from 1st of July 2020 in English until Spring 2021. The “changers” are in Conferences, Interviews, webinars. Join as participant or candidate as a geek.

6. May 2020

Movement Smart&Digitalcities target a global improvement of communications and knowledge about Covid19: the issues, policies and lockdown disruptions. An experimental group of professionals and companies has been founded to fight all together against corona virus times. We interconnect the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius in the Baltic European area. Join the “Covid19 Baltic” group if you are resident .

22. April 2020

We have proposed the governments of the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to open the internal borders between these 3 countries also during corona times and to facilitate economical exchange. The letter published on Facebook went viral on the network. The initiative has been approved and become operative by law. Join the Movement to ask support for your cause or idea.

17. April 2020

We sponsor the development of the White Cross International Project in the emerging northern east European countries. We believe that Estonia Latvia and Lithuania have deserved the new opening of this important social organization. Medical rescue, ambulances, volunteer social services, anti-covid19 mobile units, territorial support to disabled people and families in need, in cities and countrysides. Next opening in Tallinn and Riga. We bring this public-useful project to our TV networks. Made for people, not for business. A “must” in smartcities. Join the Movement to help others and become a potential White Cross Officer.

06. April 2020

Our campaign for a social experiment targeting a cooperation between hospitality industry and health ministry. We believe that smart hosts might provide new clients with a “quarantine” facility. It is much better to host quarantine-people than keeping close. The potential guests might be the ones who are coming from an international trip and must pass the 2 weeks restriction when they return. Join the movement with your hotel too.

Corona Hotels. Luxury for quarantine
Anti Covid19 Plans

24. March 2020

Global campaign to provide optimism to our members. A global challenge due to corona virus and the city-lockdown starts now. It´s gonna be difficult but you can use the quarantine time to rethink your business, or build a plan A+B, or consider the digitalization (web, online services, internet sales, smartphones, social media, etc) as a new strategy. Join as optimist member too.

22. March 2020

After the earthquake in Croatia, we of the movement Smart&Digitalcities ask European Union Commission to decide the future of nuclear power plants build in the past at country-borders. Such plants should be moved, deactivated or even fined since in case of crash the neighbour country would be damaged as well without any opportunity to manage the crisis or prevent accidents. Do you want to amplify your word around the world too? Join us.

Smart&DigitalCities against nuclear power plants at country borders
GPay action from Smart&Digitalcities movement

21. March 2020

Smart&DigitalCities movement ask GPay (the payment platform of Google) and PayPal to cooperate together and accelerate digital services during corona times. There is a growing need of digital payment at the store, using wireless technology NFC to use simply the smartphone to pay. Avoiding cash money is an important step towards digitalization. The digital currency fight against the possible spreading of the virus via coins and banknotes, scientists say. We however understand that many of our members love paying cash or dislike bank tracking: that´s also understandable. Join our blockchain development team.

19. March 2020

Global campaign to promote the digital transformation in the food industry in corona times. We believe that people should use online-orders to buy food right now. This also support the restaurant-world hit by corona virus disruption. E-commerce development and a smart local logistics are required. Issue: most of the restaurants in the world are not fit for this. Thereby the challenge is now open. The winners will be the ones who understand digitalization first. Join us to develop together with our tech geeks.

Online Food ordering
NVidia Geforce network calculation against Covid19 with Smart&Digitalcities movement

17. March 2020

We officially join and propose together with some of our members to participate to “NVIDIA competition” against Covid19. A smart digital challenge based on the digital network of the NVIDIA gamers and specialists. Participants can “lend” their GPU digital power of their own computer to a global “calculation”. Scientists can use this high computer power for calculating viral scenarios and Covid activities mathematically. Smart initiative of the users of the most famous graphic-hardware in the world. Join the movement to help the cause with your technology

10. March 2020

We have open a global campaign to explain corona virus with a video in cooperation with a German video design company Kurzgesagt. Our target is to rise awareness of Corona Virus and the effect in the health-industry such as hospitals and clinics overloads. Join the movement to help us help others

corona virus is not a flu
Smart&DigitalCities no-smocking campaign in corona times

29. February 2020

Non-Smocking global campaign in corona times. Scientists have informed us that the smoke of cigarettes reduce the immune-system of the lungs and might be vehicles of the virus. It´s hard to stop smocking suddenly, but you have now one reason more to reduce your smoke. Do think about. Join the cause.

24. February 2020

Warning Campaign. You may want to go on vacation and you booked already your flight. Or you have a business conference to join in another country. It is understandable, but you should think twice about this time. The corona virus from China called Covid19 is around and could spread via airplanes. We are asking to suspend flights and close airports. Better no travels this month and next. If the virus goes on, the tourism industry will be damaged for longer.

No Fly Now

25. January 2020

Smart&DigitalCities Movement want a clean social media. We have written a letter to Facebook to requires more attention towards user´s reporting. The lack in monitoring reports is causing a growing tendency to abuse, hate-speech and cyber-hacking. We have deployed several tests to demonstrate the failure of the Facebook Reporting System.

14. January 2020

Our global campaign to start the new year. Smart&DigitalCities Movement meets agreement with DIRECTORS TV 24 for broadcasting the best business videos of our smartest members. Target is to show the best example of digital-transformation in retail, commercial realestate, general corporate-communications from 2020. Discussion is open.

Directors TV 24 in studio

07. January 2020

The new year will be devoted to women in entrepreneurship even more than before. The program originally started in Stockholm went global. A real opportunity for digital transformers of two challenging worlds: the media and the crowdfunding. We of movement Smart&Digitalcities cannot stay out and we co-finance new TV series and interviews. A real opportunity for smart female minds and investors. Join the movement to enter our female founder team

our smart members participate on The Smartcities TV networks, make webinars and get interviewed

Our members comes from all countries of the world and different type of industries such us Information Technology, Automation, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Communication, Entrepreneurship Associations. We are able to go “on-air” even 24h/24 every day.

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